Final Adjustments:

Part of the feedback I mostly received from my co-design and Formative presentations was to expand my light projections to consume the whole of Fort Lane rather than just my structure and to balance out the materiality across the structure. To balance out the materiality I have taken Lizzi advice and have incase part of... Continue Reading →

Light Projection Artists

Pipilotti Rist Pipilotti’s work engulfs visitors in multicoloured projections that combine the natural and technological worlds. Her work is truly seducing and mesmerising at first glance, giving the viewer the feeling as though the moving image is trying to break free and come towards you in an extremely visceral and physical way. What immediately captured... Continue Reading →

Co-design Workshop Presentation

Below is the script I put together when presenting. I have added a horizontal line at points I will change slides. Feedback: Feedback from Sue: Hero image= lower the title Project description= include title and shorten text Long sections= move titles underneath drawings Plan= axonometric make the same size as the plans Perspective= needs more... Continue Reading →

Transparent Material Research

When deciding on the form and materiality of how my exhibition structure will look I turned to the work of Steven Holl. I was particularly interested in his work on the Maggie’s Centre in Barts and Higgins Hall Insertion at the Pratt Institute of Brooklyn. Both of these spaces were carefully crafted to fit between... Continue Reading →

Redesigning the Form

Version One: Looking at creating a folly structure down Fort Lane, slightly elevated viewing platforms. Feedback: Try and bring some more shape into, go bigger, test how you can connect more ribbons into it. Bit plain at the moment make it more into a feature. Version Two: Adding in more shape and elevated platforms, looking... Continue Reading →

Curved Architecture Research

Ayla Golf Academy and Clubhouse designed by Oppenheim Architecture The inspiration behind it is the natural dunescapes and mountains of the desert as well as the architectural heritage of the ancient Bedouin which then generated the Ayla Golf Academy and Clubhouse design. What makes The Ayla Golf Academy & Clubhouse distinctive and innovative is the... Continue Reading →

Formative Submission

Below is the pitch I read during my presentation. (A horizontal line is used to show when I changed slides) Feedback: I think I received some very helpful and positive feedback from Sue and our guest critics. I had a few questions about how my design works which makes me think I perhaps didn’t talk... Continue Reading →

Writing a Pitch

Using provided prompts and questions we were instructed to come up with a pitch on the spot. We then pitched our ideas in groups to our peers to see how they understand our project from the information we gave them. From there we are to continue refining the pitch.

Surface Designs

This week we are working on playing with materials and lighting to create surfaces that would be used in our concepts/designs . I have used the materials of, thick black paper, white newsprint paper, glow sticks, glow in the dark paint, clear acrylic, red paint and red glitter Below are the three surface experiments I... Continue Reading →

Surface Case Study

WasteLandscape by architect Clemence Eliard and artist Elise Morin Materials: Recyled CDs, wire & inflatable mounds Location: Centquatre, Paris. Waste Landscape is a monumental art work that takes up the "Halle d'Aubervilliers" 1000square meters in the CENTQUATRE, from the 21st of July to the 10th of september in Paris. “WasteLandscape” is a 500 square meters artificial... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Paper

For our theory paper we have been instructed to write an exegesis/“Story of Practice” relating to our current studio project. While collecting my thoughts on key words, methods and contexts while starting a draft piece of writing I had some key ideas pop in my head that I would like to follow through with in... Continue Reading →

Site Documentation

Surface Rubbings of the ground and surround buildings Sound recording: Other noises heard: Buzzing of lightsConstruction Police siren Tooting of cars at pedestrians Yelling peopleEthnic, pop, radio and instrumental musicLoud shoes walking past Recorded Measurements of fort street, fort lane and jean batten place square/conjunction: Surfaces:

Script & Temporality

Script: Reflection on doing another’s script at site: I really enjoyed this excise as it allowed me to view Fort Lane in a different light. I was able to zone in on smaller details of the space making it easier to unpack the the full site. The script I was given was actually a little... Continue Reading →

Artist Research

LIZ WEST Liz West is a British artist who graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2007. West’s broad body of work encompasses site-specific installations, sculpture, and wall-based artwork. West creates vivid environments that mix luminous colour and radiant light. West aims to provoke a heightened sensory awareness in the viewer through her works. She... Continue Reading →

Refined Model & Concept ideas

Following on from Tuesdays exercise I worked at creating a refined scene transition model. Using model 1 & 3 as my starting point I used knife, tape and mirror board to create the models circular frame walls, ceiling and floor. I then cut up different shaped bits of mirror and placed it sticking up from... Continue Reading →

Transitions & Model Making

Below are the notes I took during the transition context talk: We were then tasked to quick fire design and construct three models based on a transitions from your site sequence. These are to be fragments of spatial thresholds - spaces of movement and transitions. I wasn’t too sure on how to tackle this task... Continue Reading →

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